The Unbelievable Saw Review

Wood processing is an important aspect of wilderness survival. Whether building shelters or gathering fire wood. Carrying an axe or hatchet is not always feasible due to weight. So how do you overcome this? Well we came across the Unbelievable Saw- basically a portable chainsaw. I've seen similar products in the past and was never quite sure if they worked. In most of my personal survival kit I have wire saws. Those don't work too well and tend to break after prolonged use.

I took the Unbelievable Saw out into the field and my skepticism quickly vanished. I was shocked how quickly, cleanly, and efficiently this saw processed wood. The saw blade measures 21" in length. So it's prepared to tackle a wide variety of widths.

Deciding to tackle a small tree first, I went with about a 2" diameter sapling. The Unbelievable Saw cut through it like warm butter in around 10 seconds. I then went through a variety of trees ranging from 1"-5". The 5" tree was a hardwood and I did notice some binding initially. It seemed that I had clogged up the teeth from all the sawing I had done. After cleaning the debris out of the saw teeth it performed well through the entire cut. The 5" hardwood took less than 1 minute to dissect.

What I liked most with this saw versus others on the market was the handles. It features a very ergonomic design that helped with the speed of sawing. The saw also held a straight line when sawing. I've used various survival saws in the past ranging from commando wire saws to UST Sabercut Saw. I prefer the Unbelievable Saw over any others hands down.

The portability is what I appreciated most about this product. Folding and collapsible saws take up space in a pack. Space that could be had for more important things like water or food.

It's functionality doesn't stop at survival. The Unbelievable Saw can be used at home de-limbing trees or clearing shooting lanes on your hunting property.

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