Our Favorite Gear of 2012

Last week we showed you guys your picks for Most Popular Gear of 2012, now here's our picks. We could have went on for a fairly long time with our favorite gear choices, but we narrowed the list down to just  a few items (so we apologize if we missed anything). Some of these items are gear we reviewed and some  that we will be reviewing in the near future.

Warbonnet RidgeRunner-This is Warbonnet Outdoors first "bridge" style hammock offering. Introduced a few months ago it quickly became my favorite. A very lightweight hammock that offers the comfort of sleeping in a bed. The mosquito netting can be completely removed and packed away when there is no threat of the blood suckers.

SOLKOA SUMA Container-It's tough finding the perfect container for your Personal Survival Kit. Most lack certain qualities but excel at others. I find the SUMA meet most of my needs. It's durable and lightweight. The container has plenty of room for all your survival tools. SOLKOA offers two different sizes, in case you demand more room. They are currently offering this Desert Tan color featured above. Stay tuned for a future review of this product.

Hedgehog Leatherworks Blackbird SK-5 Sheath-It's no secret that Hedgehog Leatherworks produce some of the finest leather sheath's on the planet. This is the third variation to the Blackbird SK-5 Sheath and I love it. The aesthetics of the sheath alone are fantastic. I also like that it features a pocket on the front to store tinder or other survival items. This sheath also includes an excellent firesteel.

Halibus Bushtools fireRod-I got this sweet firesteel from Sean at Edgeworks Knife & Supply in Frederick, MD. This isn't your standard firesteel. It has a hollow waterproof cavity in the handle to store tinder. Without being to bulky as some similar firesteels with hollow cavities. The smaller handle allows for the fireRod to fit in most buschcraft style sheath that has a ferro rod holder. But what really sets this piece apart from most  is that the ferro rod is threaded and screws into the handle. Allowing the user to purchase just the ferro rod instead of the whole set up.

AMK SOL Sport Utility Blanket-This is a sweet upgrade to the traditional space blanket. More durable and has grommets that aid in setting it up as a tarp. Multi-functional piece of gear thats perfect for your Bug Out Bag.

Black Scout and Razorback Survival Knife system-Every survivalist know's the importance of a good survival knife. We're no different. This system combines a primary survival knife constructed of Sandwiched Damascus with a back-up skeleton knife made from D2 steel. This is one of the best survival knives I've seen. From looks to function-everything about the Black Scout has a purpose. This will be the first knife to undergo the KIT test in the next month. If you would like to purchase this system; follow the link above.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor-While not exactly a wilderness survival item, this will help you take your fitness to the next level. If you don't already have a workout regime, I encourage you to get one. Living a healthy lifestyle will extend your life (SURVIVING!). Having a high level of fitness will only help when placed in a survival situation. This monitor will give you a ton of info from: calories burned, heart rate, workout duration, and a lot of other stuff. I use mine everyday. If your still not convinced you need a fitness plan for survival, check out Adam Ticknor's (appeared on Season 2 of The Colony) article Survival Fitness.

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