Assault Weapons Ban...Our Thoughts

This may not be the most fluid article I've written, I'll apologize for that up front. The Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) has brought on a frustration with many of us. I know for me personally that it's eye opening to say the least. Eye opening in that an AWB would not make anything safer for any of us. I'll discuss a few of the topics in the article and rant in other parts. But hey, I'm going to use my first amendment right before that's taken or misconstrued by our leaders as well. I mean I think I did earn it since I did serve this great Nation for eight years stateside and deployed. But even if you haven't served in the military, this is everyone's right and I encourage for you all to use it to its full extent.

The weapon in the photo above is that of a close friend, Marine brother, and an American Hero. It is an M4 carbine, the standard issue service rifle. The M4 carbine is not available to the general public and is strictly supplied to the military. Because it has the capability of selective fire (i.e. 3 round burst and some models have the ability of firing fully automatic). Civilians are not allowed to own this type of firearm unless they get approval by the ATF. The AR-15 is the civilian model and fires semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull). I've seen many people online and on television saying that Civilians shouldn't own military firearms. !!!News Flash!!! We don't. The M4 Carbine and AR-15 do look similar, however are not the same weapon. As a matter of fact- should we also ban airsoft guns that resemble the M4 or have "assault" weapon features? So by definition an assault rifle is a rifle with selective firing capability, not by looks. If I wear a Police Officer's uniform does that make me a Cop? Just because something looks similar it is not the same thing. I've also seen the misinformed media refer to the AR-15 as a machine gun. I'm not even going to get into that...

While we are talking about media-why does the media make these evil people celebrities? How many people are out there that can name even one of the victims of any of the tragic events that has taken place recently or in the past 10 years? I'm sure very few. But because of the media you know who Adam Lanza is. As we've seen in history this sort of publicity makes way for copy cat events. Someone who is a loner/mentally unstable realizes that they too can become the next guy on the national news. Lets not forget the public that are so hungry to buy a book from one of these murderers.

How do you go about chopping down an apple tree? Do you pick it one apple/leaf/branch at a time? No you attack the root. The root not the fruit. It seems that our leaders are going for the low hanging fruit with the Assault Weapons Ban. The majority of the public hears assault weapons ban and feel like they are safe now. When in reality it hasn't made anything safer.

Would an assault weapons ban really make America safer? If you answered yes to that question hit the X in the top right hand corner of your screen and don't come back to this site again. This information may be too complicated for you to understand!! Did Cain have an assault weapon when he killed Abel? Cain was the first born human on earth and first murderer. Ted Bundy murdered 30-35 victims without an assault rifle. Timothy McVeigh took 168 lives and injured over 800 without a firearm. How about 9/11 with box cutters. What I'm getting to is that people determined to do evil will do it regardless. It's happened from day one and will continue to happen.

How did Seal Team Six stop Bin Laden? How do you stop a man with a gun intending to do harm to others? With a gun. Law Enforcement Officers carry guns, Why? To protect themselves as well as the public. So why is it that we are not heading in that direction?

The other problem I have about the ban is that if one person wants to sell a weapon privately to another individual he/she needs to go to a FFL dealer to get a background check prior to the transfer. Why? Because I'm sure the background check will have a charge as well as a tax on the transaction. Will drug dealers/cartel/bank robbers go do this background check? No, only law abiding citizens will. Did prohibitions stop alcohol production? It actually caused it to be produced more.

I could go on but I'll stop here. The bottom line is I don't believe the AWB will make anything safer. There is no ban that will stop the bad guys.

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