The Paracord Bracelet You Need!

Para-cord or "Survival" Bracelets have been all the rage for awhile now. Many military guys have worn them for years, and years before they became popular mainstream. The one I sported had a Cami Pocket Button as the closure, as most guys did. I recently started wearing one with the buckle clip, having trying to avoid it because I didn't want people to assume I had on a "survival" bracelet. Not that 8-10 feet of paracord wouldn't be useful- I just question how much survival can I really accomplish if only left with a bracelet. I mean we don't call Bic's- "survival" lighters do we? But as with almost any item; with ingenuity it can be used in your survival.

Anyhow, I finally found a buckle that I liked. As you can see above it actually can aid in survival (or escape more so). This buckle closure has a molded handcuff key that is concealed when closed. Just snap off when you need to free yourself from handcuffs. Now I do warn you if you've handcuffed by a legit Law Enforcement Officer; they wont be to happy if your able to get out of their cuffs. So only use this in a life or death scenario (think Hostel or Turistas) or else you may pull some major time. I've been wearing mine for a few weeks and really dig it. Hopefully I never need it for real!

Below is the link if you guys want to pick some up. They offer the buckles alone if you want to DIY bracelet or they will tie one up for you.


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  2. Ever since I've been camping, one of my favorites is the paracord bracelet. I love how this little tool can spell the difference between survival and death. I've been introduced to DIY paracord bracelets by my friend who is also into camping and trekking. There's a lot to see and it's enjoyable to learn the different knots that can make your bracelet a stand-out! I use a lot of bright colors for my bracelets and give a lot of it to my family and friends. For more of this see