Grayman Knives: Mega Pounder 7.5 Review

Whether serving on the soil of some foreign continent or at a local deer camp; a close bond forms between a man and his knife. Grayman knives understands this. Leading them to offer everything from tactical folders to heavyweight fixed blades.

Grayman knives are very popular in the Military/LEO circles. For some time they were only available to MIL/LEO personnel. They are now offered to the general public, giving everyone the opportunity to own one.

For this article we reviewed the Mega Pounder 7.5 with teeth. This knife retails for $255; which is a fair price for a hand ground knife of this design. I'd like to first start off by saying Grayman Knives are very pleasant people to deal with. For example: The knife came wrapped in paper with a hand written note stating "May it serve you well, Mike". That was a very nice touch. Showing every single knife that ships out, has that human interaction as well as customer appreciation. A characteristic uncommon among many knife makers and sellers out there.
The Mega Pounder 7.5 we reviewed featured a single bevel ground blade. This is commonly referred to as chisel ground- basically meaning one side of the knife features a flat surface. There are a few reasons why one would want this: Its easily sharpened in the field, the edge wont "roll" as easy as a double bevel, maintains a stronger edge when impacted, also producing more weight behind the blade to facilitate chopping. I did also notice it worked well when making feather sticks (as you can see in the photo below). This was not my first chisel ground knife, so I had a good understanding of what to expect. I do know some folks don't like the single bevel grind. Grayman Knives offers both varieties, single and double bevel in different models. So I would encourage you to do your research prior to choosing what style you want before ordering.

The knife's came hair shaving sharp. Even after use in the field it was easily stropped back to a sharp edge. Grayman Knives describes their edge as "toothy". When I received the knife and ran my finger down the blade I quickly understood what "toothy" meant. Let's just say- I would not want to be on the receiving end of a Grayman knife.

The steel choice of the Mega Pounder is 1095. Due to its ease of field sharpening, its a popular choice among field knives. Adding to its chopping ability is the 1/4" thick blade measuring 71/2 inches. It's overall length totals a whopping 13 1/2 inches. Needless to say this knife excelled at chopping. Enabling me to chop down a 3" diameter tree within 30-40 seconds. Even with a 2" wide blade, this knife is capable of tackling finer task when "gripping up" on the finger choil.

Saw teeth are optional on a few of Grayman Knives' models. The saw consisted of ten teeth in the middle of the spine area. I used the teeth numerous times sawing into trees of different widths and varieties. In all my test they performed well. Another possibility for using the teeth would be creating notches for making dead falls or traps. Not to mention if one had to go "close combat"; the teeth would create an immense amount of damage to a evil doer.

Ergonomics were exceptional on the Mega Pounder. It features your choice of black or olive drab G10 grips. G10 is an outstanding handle material because it provides an effective grip even when wet. Adding to its overall usability is a very balanced blade, from tip to handle butt.

I almost forgot to mention, you have the option of any words up to 15 characters to be engraved on the spine of the blade.

Providing a tactical advantage, blackened blades are a must when operating in hostile environments. The Mega Pounder has a black Gunkote finish. This has to be the first knife I've used that showed no signs of wear on the blade coating after use. This finish also helps to protect the 1095 steel from an possibilities of corrosion.
A Cordura sheath is standard issue with all Grayman knives fixed blade models. This has to be one of the best Cordura sheaths I've seen. It can be attached to MOLLE webbing as well as traditional belt carry. The sheath can also be worn "scout style" or horizontally in the middle of the small of the back. It has a kydex insert that holds the Mega Pounder snug and protects the user from piercing through the Cordura. There is also a "snap button" retention strap for additional security. Items or pouches can be attached to the front of the sheath via MOLLE webbing. I like leg lanyards on knives of this size. This sheath has that feature.

Overall I give the Mega Pounder 7.5 high marks. The knife feels great in the hand with the smooth yet "grippy" G10 handles. It's well balanced to be such a large knife. No wear even after hard use on the Gunkote finish. The teeth are not only mean looking but also functional. The sheath as I said is one of the best Cordura sheaths I've seen. It's also a great looking knife!

Grayman Knives are also hand ground here in the USA. If your interested in a hard use field knife check out their other offerings at Grayman Knives.

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