Crazy Creek Products: Crazy Crib LEX w/ Tarp

We recently were able to review the Crazy Crib LEX w/ Tarp from Crazy Creek Products out of Montana. They offer a plethora of Hammocks as well as other camping equipment. We have a video review on our YouTube channel of the Crazy Crib, so check it out when you get a chance. The Crazy Crib LEX ("LEX" stands for Luxury Edition) and is an extreme shelter system. I'll go over the details below.
Crazy Crib w/out tarp

The Specs:

MSRP: $195
Crib Size: 44" x 98"
Tarp Size: 77" x 104"
Pack weight: 70 ounces
Material: 70D Ripstop Nylon
Suspension System: Webbing System Included

The Crazy Crib LEX included's a Tarp, Poles, Guy Lines, Suspension Straps, Stuff Sack and Stakes. You will need to pre-cut and rig the guy lines prior to going out in the field. The instructions explain this, along with specific lengths for the guy lines. The system comes with adjustable tension hardware and incluudes thorough instructions on that as well. I do suggest doing this prior to taking the hammock into the field; it will drastically speed up set up. On set up, the suspension straps work well and also have rain guards that prevent's rain from entering the hammock by way of the suspension.

This hammock features a partial no-see-um netting with a canopy that is held up by Easton Aluminum Poles. The Easton Poles hold the canopy up similar to a tent and also spreads the hammock flat. The canopy is nice in blocking sunlight when not using the tarp, however it does block some visibility in the hammock. Entry of the hammock is by way of dual zippers that are in the center of the hammock canopy (most hammocks feature these on the sides), it can be used with the canopy and mosquito netting unzipped and open (which is a nice feature).
The lay of the hammock is great, an almost flat lay, similar to a bridge style hammock (thanks to the suspension and Easton poles). There is a sleeve for a pad inside the hammock to help insulate on cool nights or added comfort. Inside the hammock there are two storage pockets to hold small items and keep them within reach.

Coming in right at 4 lbs; it seems that may be heavy for backpacking. However, the Crazy Crib LEX w/ Tarp is a complete shelter system- like a suspended tent. The weight includes all components of the hammock i.e..poles, tarp, hammock, suspension, and stakes. Weight can also be reduced by leaving the tarp at home when there is no chance of rain.
The included tarp has multiple attachment points for versatility. It also completely shields the hammock from wind or rain.

This hammock feels very heavy duty and will last many years through many outdoor excursions; with proper care. It's versatile and can be used throughout the seasons.

Check out Crazy Creek for this hammock system as well as their other products.


  1. Good idea! You could use this as a sleeping bed while camping out if you can't afford travel trailers. It's not hard to see vans like those, I've seen a lot of for sale trailers in Arkansas and they seems like a house.

    1. "You could use this as a sleeping bed"...Of course its a freaking hammock. You SLEEP in it. And travel trailors are not camping, its staying in a trailor.

  2. Yeah, this is perfect for camping trips. How much does it cost? Though personally, every time we have an outdoor activity, we still use our camper van for everybody's convenience.