NEW Re-design!! Hedgehog Leatherworks Blackbird SK-5 Sheath

Today I'm excited to share the Re-Design of the HedgeHog Leatherworks Blackbird SK-5 sheath with you guys. Most of you are familiar with the Blackbird SK-5 made by Ontario and designed by Paul Scheiter himself. It's one of the best  production Survival/Bushcraft knives on the market and was voted Best of the Best hunting gear of 2011 by Field and Stream Magazine. You can get our thoughts on the BlackBird SK-5 HERE.

If you remember we did a review of the Hedgehog Leatherworks Becker BK-2 sheath a few months ago. The quality of this sheath is no different. I'm convinced Hedgehog Leatherworks creates the best leather sheaths on earth. Paul is a visionary in the Survival realm. From designing a lightweight, yet tough, extremely versatile survival knife to building rugged yet beautiful knife sheaths that are designed with the survivalist in mind.

The Blackbird SK-5 sheath has went through a few evolution's. This is the third design in the advanced models. The basic model has remained the same and has the same foundation features of the advanced models.

This is a vertical carry sheath as with the past design's. As you can see in the photo to the right, the knife can be attached/detached to your belt or gear without having to un-fasten your belt. Inside of the belt attachment is another nylon attachment that can be used with smaller width belts, keeping the sheath from riding up or down while being worn or pulling the knife from the sheath.

At the bottom of the sheath are two lanyard holes that can be used to secure to your leg or attach the knife upside down vertically in a "Commando" style fashion. Another carry option is the "Over the shoulder" or "Baldric/Bandolier" with paracord. A good option for when your not wearing a belt or wearing heaving winter clothing or snow suits.

All Hedgehog Leatherworks sheath's feature the Rapid Release Retention Straps. Yet another user friendly concept that moves the retention straps out of the cutting path of the blade. The particular sheath has three points of security. Most sheaths have one securing strap at the forward end of the handle, leaving the butt of the handle flopping or getting snagged on limbs and such while in the field. By securing the butt of the handle, the sheath always has positive control of the knife.

Nylon Access Strip

Onto the new modifications of the sheath. The Re-design includes a storage pocket on the front and a Hedgehog Leatherworks Ferro Rod on the side. This pocket has a "post and hole" closure that is extremely quiet when opening/closing the pocket. The pocket has a nylon strip- when pulled brings all items out of the pocket. This makes accessing gear in the pocket quick and easy.  The pocket included a length of jute twine (that can be used as tinder) and a Striker for the ferro rod. The striking tool has a good sized handle for comfortable grip. Paul also designed the Blackbird SK-5's spine to be used as a striker for a ferro rod. The Hedgehog Leatherworks ferro rod's are some of the best I've used and will last I'm guessing up to 10'000 or so strikes. It has a comfortable knurled handle and bungee retention strap.
Hedgehog Firestarter, Striker, and Jute Twine

I'm a firm believer in maximizing the capabilities of your gear. Paul and Hedgehog Leatherworks design's take it to a whole new level. Essentially their sheath's becomes a self-contained survival system. Capable of constructing shelter, preparing game, fire craft, and other field task.

The sheath comes in at $335 in the advanced model (featuring pocket and firesteel) the basic model is priced at $225. The craftsmanship and quality is exceptional, even down to the minor details- every single stitch is uniform. Hedgehog Leatherworks takes pride in every single sheath made- here in the U.S. When you get a Hedgehog Leatherworks sheath you get a sheath that they will stand by for 25 years-with their hard use warranty. Your getting a sheath that can take abuse, built with a user mindset, a work of art, and possibly an heirloom that can be passed down to your children (but only after you've had lots of fun with it).

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