Escape and Evasion/Urban Survival Tools Review

Here are a few new E&E/Urban Survival Tools on the market. These offerings come from Shomer-Tec and use a hidden in plain sight concept.

  • 50 Cent Covert Knife
  • Micro Escape Tool
  • Titanium Escape Ring

The Micro Escape Tool is a handcuff shim that features saw teeth that are meant to be used to cut restraints such as duct tape, flex cuffs, and ropes. The Micro Escape tool is also designed to be placed in the Titanium Escape Ring. I was able to disengage single locked handcuffs, although it did take some work to get it in the sweet spot. I believe being such a small diameter shim was the reason for this. The teeth were able to open up duct tape very easily, from behind my back.

The Titanium escape ring mimics a plain wedding band. More than likely this would be overlooked in an initial search. The Micro Escape Tool is hidden inside the ring and can be slipped out while the ring is still on your finger. Being Titanium its also very light in weight.  The ring is a very nice looking titanium ring, rivaling many expensive wedding bands on the market. 

The 50 cent Covert Knife is a razor blade concealed in a 50 cent piece. The knife fits well inside the coin and held together by a band to ensure the blade doesn't slip out in your pocket. The coin can be hidden among loose pocket change and would most likely be missed in a search. The knife is extremely sharp and can be used to escape from a variety of restraints.

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