Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro

Depending on your destination, mosquito or jungle hammock may be necessary. Protecting you from the West Nile virus or keeping you from staying up all night trying to defend the blood suckers. Most of the time jungle hammock's are super expensive and are out of the price range of many. The Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro is a low cost option and we wanted to inform you guys that may not have the budget to drop a few hundred bucks on a jungle hammock.

 I live in the southeast and mosquito hammocks are a must except during winter. I've used a wide variety and absolutely love them. Other than the mosquito net I like that most of the time they come in drab or subdued colors, so you blend into the environment. That gives me a better night's sleep knowing any wrong doer will have a hard time finding me.

The Specs:

Price: $79.99
Weight: 28oz's
Dimensions: 10.5' x 5'
Weight Capacity: 400lbs
Material: Parachute Nylon Silk/Mosquito Netting
Suspension System: Included hanging ropes and nautical grade carabiners

The hammock is constructed of a very comfortable parachute nylon silk that will keep you cool on hot swampy nights. It is OD green with a Tan trim, which is very jungle hammock looking. There is plenty of room in this hammock and two people can lay fairly comfortably inside. The stuff sack is attached to the outside of the hammock so you won't loose it and you can store your gear there.

The No-see-um mosquito netting is grey in color and is suspended by a bungee cord type suspension system. So that will take an extra step when setting up the hammock. I suggest the first time setting up the hammock to tie both lines together in a knot so you never have to re-thread them through the loops again. The netting is very fine and will stop any bugs from penetrating.

It  comes with a double sided zipper that runs the length of one side of the hammock. The mosquito netting can be rolled back if it isn't needed or the hammock can be turned upside down to be used as a traditional end gathered hammock.

The Skeeter Beeter Pro is also less bulky than carrying an accompanying mosquito encapsulating system, also less pain to set up.

For the price you really can't beat this if your looking for a low cost quality mosquito hammock option. For $79 it comes ready to hang.


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  1. Thanks for the review! This seems like a winner.