The PSK Contest winner is....

The Goods!
We would like to first thank all participants and making it very difficult decision for us. This was an extremely difficult decision. These were some awesome kits and there were things that we liked about every kit.

The winner is (Contestant #6) Eric! Congratulate him guys!

What we like about Eric's kit: basically it came down to adaptability. Eric living and working in an urban environment; he still saw the possibility of having to rough it on his own in the wild if need be. He also met all the basic requirements while adding a few specialized items. I also love that Multi-Tool (I lost mine overseas hunting bad guys).

Thank you guys for participating and stay tuned we will have another contest in the next month or so. We will be giving away a set of Bogota's and some other cool gear.

Thanks to all the supporters supplying the prize pack!


  1. Congrats Eric!!

    Can we get a list of his gear by chance?