Light My Fire-Swedish Fire Knife Review

We posted awhile back about the Swedish Fire knife, prior to it's release. So we decided to get one and test it out. This is a joint effort with Light My Fire and Mora knives. This knife joins two very important survival tools-a firesteel and knife. We chose the orange model due to its high visibility to be seen if dropped on the forest floor.

The knife came very sharp out of the box (weighing 3.4oz). I had assumed (I guess I should have read the details) the knife would be similar to the Clipper model as far as blade length. The blade is 3.7 inches; so somewhat shorter (that was somewhat disappointing). The knife comes in a 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blade. It is also a fairly thin bladed knife as Mora's are. The blade had a rough look as it had not been polished like many other Mora's. The blade was sturdy and capable of many task even with its small size (batoning, feathersticks, and foodprep to name a few).

The main feature of the knife is the Light My Fire firesteel. It is a Scout Model sized ferro rod capable of up to 3,000 strikes. If you have used a Light My Fire firesteel-you know they are very reliable. There is no need to worry about losing the firesteel because it securely locks into place in the handle; requiring a twisting motion to release. It has a bright colored lanyard attached and a black plastic fob on the end. The fob fell off as soon as I got the knife, so you may want to superglue it closed as I did. By using the rear section of the blade the ferro rod emits a shower of sparks. I also was able to store a few tinder quik tabs in the handle slots, secured by tape.

The handle feels really good in the hand, even with the firesteel removed. It has a TPE rubber coating, and handled well even when wet.

The sheath is made of a polypropylene type plastic and features a clip for securing the knife to you. What I like about the attachment is that you can clip it onto your pocket when not wearing a belt. There is an audible click letting you know the knife is secured in the sheath-and it retains the knife well.

The knife cost around $30. To me I feel it would be better to buy the Mora Clipper and a Light My Fire Swedish firesteel ; you will come out cheaper as well as have a longer blade. I also wouldn't say this is an all-purpose survival/bushcraft knife-I feel it should be paired with a 5-6" blade. Although this may be all the knife a day hiker or backpacker may need.

The knife comes in 5 different colors and is fun to play with. If your interested in getting one click here.


  1. Great point on buying the clipper and the firesteel for a lower cost option. I really was hoping they were going to make an olive drab version, but they didnt:(

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