PSK Entry Contestant #6

This Kit comes from Eric from the NYC; much of his kit reflects his adaptation to his urban environment. 

"My kit is focused on a Urban/Suburban hybrid. Living in New York and having experienced 911 in a personal way I needed to have actionable items in the event of that type of scenario. I work in Manhattan but
live in a rural area of the Bronx. I also needed items to survive off the land if necessary."

Items in the Kit:

County Comm Improved Mine Probe Pouch (overstuffed to say the least!)

Military Issue Gerber Pocket tool

County Comm 4/18 inch pry tool

County Comm 6 3/8 mid breacher

Piranha Pocket tool
1 Lock Pick set

1 Photon Light with mini light stick

1 Shomer Tec hand cuff key

1 yellow kevlar rope

1 Derma knife

Botach Tactical pen

120 decibel noise maker (small black item with clip)

1 Tops whistle

County Comm ACU Camouflage pattern bandanna/handkerchief 21 x21 inches
(use as a head cover or tourniquet if necessary)

1 orange shelter

2 sets of gloves

1 N95 mask folded

1 set of military flat goggles

Earplugs ( in a small zip lock bag)

County Comm New Improved Micro Signal Mirror ( in a small zip lock bag)

3 portable towels (dunk in water to make a towel or use as a fuel for
a fire and  in a small zip lock bag)

1 Snare ( in a small zip lock bag)

1 BCB Hand Line Marine Fishing Kit ( in humble opinion, the best)
1 36 oz flat water bag from safe zone LLC

1 USA Ruler (why? it fit)

1 Magnesium 4 inch steel from  ( in a small zip lock bag)

1 Deluxe Fire steel Tube Bunker w/ 18 feet of para-cord and built in
compass (This is simply the best! I have tried every kind of fire
starter in over 20 years and this one is above the rest. It is
expensive but will shower you with sparks to start a fire even in
rainy or cold conditions. Get it at

1 Tweezer  ( in a small zip lock bag)

2 Hem con bandages for bad cuts

1 CVS Blood Stopper bandage

1 advanced healing bandage ( from CVS can be used for blisters)

1 assorted bandages with water purification in a 3mm ID holder

1 package of Benadryl

"Not pictured is a Malkoff MD2  American made flashlight with 450 lumen bulb. This is in my pocket not in the actual kit. It can blind a person at about 100 feet. Gene Malkoff is the best in my opinion. He puts the others to shame and is an American.  I have four of his flashlights.

This set is by no means comprehensive and is a bit bulky. But it works for me.  This kit could sustain me in the event of a social chaos or terrorist event. I generally carry a Goruck Gr-1 with about 20 pounds of gear. In New York, tactical bags are not noticed since people carry all types of bags.

By the way, I am not affiliated or am compensated by any of the above manufacturers. I am constantly buying and trying new products in the ever frivolous pursuit of perfection. I am interested in comments to make this better."

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  1. Congrats on the win Eric!
    Really well thought out kit with some great items.