PSK Entry Contestant #3

Here's a few things i carry on my belt hiking around Utah, Colorado,and Nevada-

  • Whistle, compass, and signal mirror
  • Small pocket knife and razor
  • Photon II
  • Mini Bic w/jute
  • Quick tabs
  • A few matches
  • Magnesium rod
  • Hacksaw blade/striker
  • Water purifier tabs (6)
  • 2 zip-loc bags
  • Tin foil
  • Small first aid kit containing:
                  band aids
                  triple antibiotic
                 alcohol swabs
                 2 #10 surgical blades
  • A Small fishing kit containing: varying size of hooks, flies, weight, 50ft of 8lb test
  • 15ft of mason cord
  • 25ft 550 paracord
  • emergency blanket
Thanks for the entry! Keep them coming guys.

1 comment:

  1. Just curious, are those matches strike anywhere?