One more day to submit entries for the PSK Contest

Tomorrow (July 31st) will be the last day for contest entries into the Personal Survival Kit Contest. Before the contest closes, I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the dynamics of  Personal survival kits.

Personal survival kits are designed to aid in your survival and emphasis should be placed on your environment or the locale you are venturing into. Because it's a small kit to be placed on your person, sacrifices will have to be made. Whether it be quality of items or exactly what you place in the kit. Sure we would love to have a fixed blade knife over a razor blade or small knife. But how practical is it to carry a large fixed blade knife in most places? It also comes down to skill and personal preference. An SAS operator may need less than an average guy has in his kit. Maybe your not skilled in spark based fire starters and you choose to carry a Bic lighter/Matches instead. Your environment should be the ultimate deciding factor for kit contents. Having fishing gear will help you thrive in the jungle--but is fairly useless in a desert environment. A whistle may not be the best thing for a SF soldier's kit--blowing a whistle behind enemy lines may get you killed. Why put snare wire in a kit if your not familiar with making snares (procuring food with snares is a skill set).

You can see many factors go into kit contents selection. For a average person signaling and maintaining core temperature is paramount. These should be your first two priorities. The idea of survival is to stay alive and keep from injuring yourself further until your rescued. Trying to get attention is critical and often overlooked area. That's why we place so much emphasis on quality signaling gear in our commercial kit above.

Only you know your skill level and what environment's you will need to adapt your kit to.

If you have a kit email it to us at If you don't have a kit and would like to purchase ours check out our kit HERE. We designed the Basic Survival kit to be used by anyone from beginner to advanced survival skill set-with the highest quality components.

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