A Hatchet and a can of WD40

This past weekend we did some late night catfishing at the lake. Later in the night we decided to start a fire; however it's been a torrential down pour the past few days. Finding any dry wood seemed to be impossible. I even batoned through some wood to try and find any sort of dryness on the inside. All the wood was soaked to the core. We didn't plan to start a fire that night so we didn't have any sort of tinder. We did have a  ferro rod and a Bic lighter. After about an hour of failed attempts; one of the guys  went to his truck and pulled out his Hatchet and a can of WD40. Going to work on a few pieces of dry wood and using the WD40 as an accelarate. We finally got the fire going. There are a few reasons why I'm telling you guys this story. Most of the time folks practice fire craft in ideal conditions and it gives you a false sense of reality when your placed in a situation where things aren't so perfect. Generally, the times you need fire the most is when the weather conditions are bad.

 Try to start a fire with soaking wet materials or in bad weather for a change. Like the saying goes "Train for the worst and hope for the best". Also remember--a Hatchet and WD40 go a long way...

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