Ribz Front Pack

We've tested the Ribz Front Pack over the past few weeks on a few hikes and we will go into what we discovered. Initially we had some questions whether it would really serve a practical purpose.

One thing we found is that the Ribz Front Pack can be used in a variety of situations. But the thing that most turned me on to the product; is the fact that your essential survival gear can be on your person instead of in your pack. I'm sure everyone has heard stories about people getting separated from their survival gear because it was left in their pack. I placed all my survival items in the Ribz Front Pack. Enough Items that could help anyone's chances of survival to extend up to a few weeks. This also allowed to free up some space in my main pack.

Ribz underneath pack
It's very comfortable with the adjustment straps and padded shoulders. The Ribz were completely unnoticeable underneath my main pack. The Ribz weight forward design really leveled out the load of my main pack. It was very reminiscent to my chest rig and pack that I wore while serving in the military. The Ribz design definitely helps with balancing out the weight.

Ribz are made from a water resistant rip stop nylon and weighing in empty at around 9 ounces. There are numerous attachment points for whistles, micro lights, and compasses to name a few. The numerous pockets gives the user the option to divide their gear, as well mesh pouches inside the main pockets for even more separation.

The Ribz front pack comes in 3 different color options: Stealth Black, Alpine Green, and a Hunting Camo. The Hunting Camo Ribz would make accessing your gear in a tree stand much easier than having to dig through a backpack.

Ribz Front Pack's comes in at $59.95. Check out Black Scouts Survival's video review for more details.


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