If you want to survive outdoors longer: SOL Sport Utility Blanket

This is probably one of my most favorite items from Adventure Medical Kits SOL line-up. This is the Sport Utility Blanket and a much needed improvement to the outdated All-Weather Blanket. Im talking about the All-weather blanket that is a dinosaur still roaming on the market. This is a very versatile item that can be the answer to many situations encountered in the wilderness, whether camping or if you find yourself in a full blown survival situation.

The Sport Utility Blanket comes in a resealable zipper bag. This bag can be used to store the blanket or any other items to protect them from moisture. The Sport Utility Blanket is constructed from a single layer woven material with vapor encapsulation technology. Making it super light, tough, windproof, waterproof,and ready to take some abuse. So tough that it's been tested and proven to be 6 times stronger than competitive blankets.
Simple Lean-to shelter using the Sport Utility Blanket
If your familiar with the All-weather blanket you know it struggles to reflect 80% of your body heat. The Sport Utility Blanket can reflect up to 95% of your body heat. It's also lighter than the competitor blankets, coming in at a mere 11.3 oz's. I sat under the Lean-to (shown above) while filming a video review and within minutes I could feel the heat reflecting from the blanket.

Another feature anyone can appreciate, is the 6 reinforced grommets- facilitating a variety of applications. We were able to construct the Lean-to (shown above) as well as an A-Frame shelter rather quickly. It can also be used in conjunction with a debris shelter supplying further heat in a cold environment. It can also be used as a ground blanket in your tent during those frosty nights.

The outside is emblazoned with SOL's logo and is a bright orange color. This can be used as a signaling device similar to the old VS-17 signaling panels used by the military. I would like to see a more discreet version. Possibly in an Olive Drab or Hunter green; for user's that may be using the blanket and not needing or wanting to signal for help.

This is a great piece of gear that can provide warmth and shelter.

MSRP $22.00

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  1. I agree Jack. I'd get one if they came in an OD green