Hedgehog Leatherworks: Becker BK2 sheath review

How could we do a Becker BK2 upgrade series without equipping it with a new sheath. Only one sheath company came to mind in our search- Hedgehog Leatherworks. We are convinced Hedgehog Leatherworks makes the finest sheaths on planet Earth. They currently produce sheaths for the USMC KA-BAR fighting/utility knife, Becker BK2, T1 & T2 Tom Brown Tracker knives, as well as the BlackBird SK-5 designed by Paul Scheiter himself. I really wanted to capture the beauty of this sheath so this will be a pretty photo intensive article. Also check out our review of the newly re-designed Hedgehog Leatherworks Blackbird SK-5 sheath.
The best quality leather work I've seen. 
The sheath is a "Scout" carry model, designed to be carried horizontally in the small of your back. I prefer the "Scout" carry over hip carry- it keeps the knife from flopping during walking, its very comfortable, and it allows you to carry a pistol on your side without your knife getting in the way. The attachment straps hold the sheath securely in this position; the straps are also MOLLE compatible.
Each sheath is stamped with the Hedgehog Leatherworks logo.
The logo has a pretty funny story, so if you get time
 check it out on their site

I'm amazed at the ruggedness and how heavy duty this sheath feels. There is an immense amount of attention to detail taken into every single one of these sheaths. Each sheath is double stitched with reinforced stress points and has a water repellent finish. I couldn't find a single blemish and every stitch is uniform. Hedgehog Leatherworks produces every sheath by hand here in the U.S.A (there is an 8 week build time). If a sheath doesn't meet Paul's strict quality requirements during the production process, its scrapped. Hedgehog Leatherworks mantra is quality comes first.

included firesteel
This is the upgraded model ($259) and includes a fire steel and Allen wrench on the reverse side. The Allen wrench allows you access to the compartments in the factory Grivory handles. The fire steel is actually larger (3/8" x 3") than most fire steel's on the market right now. It features a knurled metal handle, lanyard hole, and will supply you with several thousand fires. The lanyard is a Bungee retention cord that holds the fire steel securely on the sheath. After removing the BK2's coating; it worked as an excellent striker with the fire steel.

Yet another exclusive feature to the Hedgehog Leatherworks, is their patented Rapid Release strap (shown above). It moves the retention strap out of the blades cutting path on the blades entry and exit into the sheath. The retention strap is held closed by a hole and post system instead of a traditional snap as used on most sheaths- Making it super quiet when removing your knife. Perfect in tactical situations where noise discipline is paramount.

I understand that the price point may initially turn some folks away; especially for a knife that can be had for around $70. However, the BK2 is a bargain for what you get and rivals many knives double the price (as I stated before in previous articles). But a sheath is an intergral part of a Survival Knife system. I prefer to have a comfortable and secure sheath. I wear knives for hours on end in the field and a bad sheath can become burdensome pretty quick. Having a poor quality sheath will also make dropping and losing your knife a possibility when you may need it the most. I do own custom sheaths and they do not compete with this level of craftsmanship. Hedgehog Leatherworks also gives a 25 year "serious wilderness survival use" warranty on all of their leather products. I can't think of too many companies that stand behind a single one of their products for 25 years of rough use. That alone tells me that's money well spent.

Email us or leave a comment below if you have any further questions. I promise that this is one piece of gear you won't regret purchasing!!

If your interested in check out more of Hedgehog Leatherworks products at http://www.hedgehogleatherworks.com/default.asp


  1. Thats one nice BK2! The whole package!!! I'm going to have to get me one of the Hedgehog Sheaths

  2. Hedgehog Leatherworks does make an excellent sheath for the Becker BK2 but it will be a cold day in hell when I will pay between $189.00 and $300.00 for one. It is absolutely ridiculous to spent up to more than 4 times the cost of the knife to obtain a sheath. This is nothing more than a fad of "survivalists, bushcrafters, and preppers" thinking that they will follow the popular trend. Rubbish!!!

    1. You get what you pay for. If you want American quality, then fork out for it. If you want foreign-made garbage, then it sucks to be you.

  3. It's not for everyone. I find it funny when most people say they want USA made products until they have to pay American labor prices. Then you go on to say "fad" with survivalist/Preppers. Would you rather not be? 10 years ago it was difficult to find quality gear. You had to often times take military surplus gear. Now we have an over abundance of stuff to choose from. Anyhow this is my website. If you don't like what we do go somewhere else. Also we didn't ask for your bitter opinion.

  4. There are American made sheaths for American made knives that don't cost even a third of this. It is a nice sheath, and I would like to own one. However I think paying more for a sheath than for a knife is backwards.Hedgehog leatherworks makes luxury items to take into the woods.It is a thing of beauty, but I would be afraid to use it if I paid $350 for it.This is just how I feel. I was interested in one for my blackbird sk 5 until I got the sticker shock. You even state in your own article you understand the price of the sheath may turn people away. But you guys weren't so understanding to the comment above, were you? Feel free to bash me and tell me not to visit your site. I don't fell welcome anyways. Psh!

  5. Or learn some skills and make your own

  6. Or learn some skills and make your own

  7. Jacks kinda of an a**hole... I agree not paying $350 for a $80 knife,, theres a bitter opinon for ya.

  8. I have had the BK2 with the Hedgehog Leatherworks sheath for several years now. I work on an oil rig in Gulf and use it daily, for all kinds of stuff. The entire set up is a great "rig" and just gets better with age. I'll be replacing the knife long before I have to replace the sheath. Well worth the money for me.
    NL #15, GOMEX, out of Abbeville.