Bringing a touch of class to your camping experience: Wildo Camp-a-box Review

Deciding what dining gear to pack on various excursions usually tend to be problematic. Usually the cups, plates, and bowls take up too much of the already limited real estate in my pack. It seems that few companies see this predicament we run into or rather find a viable solution for it. Eating equipment tends to be rather heavy and awkward to pack. Then the Wildo Camp-a-Box came along.

The Wildo Camp-a-box is a lightweight (6.77oz) modular dining and food preparation system. The kit features:

  • 1 Fold-a-cup
  • 1 Large Fold-a-cup
  • Plate w/ Lid
  • Cutting board w/ strainer
  • Spork

Each component to the Camp-a-box stores into a compact set  about the width of a DVD case. With its modular system and size it will store easily into a pack; you wont even notice it's there. The plastic used is also BPA free. The Wildo Camp-a-box can be purchased in OD green, Black, and Tan; perfect for tactical environments.

The Fold-a-cups are pretty innovative, I've seen nothing like it. When they are expanded the small cup will hold 8 ounces and the standard cup will hold 18 ounces of liquid. Perfect for a hot cup of coffee and a bowl of soup. Another unique piece of this kit is the Spork. I've had many camping spork's made of plastic from various camping/military suppliers and I will say I like this one the best. It's much like a camping spork but it also features a butter knife type serrated edge. The Spork and Fold-a-cups can be purchased separately if desired.

The mess tray is able to take on a whole meal, and I can't count how many times I needed a cutting board in the field. The cutting board also features a strainer, this is important if your cooking dehydrated foods where you have to add water too cook the meal. This will keep you from eating super soggy foods which usually is a bummer.
Chicken w/ Salsa and a Cup of Joe
Like I said, you can purchase the Camp-a-box kit or most of the components separately from ProForce Equipment. ProForce Equipment offers a slew of "tacticool" camping/survival gear for Military and Civilians.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks where I will be reviewing more products from ProForce Equipment.
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  1. Freaking Awesome set up...I'll have to get one of those!

  2. Very compact kit, How much do these go for?

  3. Sorry, usually I put that info in the article. It's MSRP is $32.00. Thanks