Becker BK2: Micarta Grip Upgrade

The Becker BK2 is a proven and formidable Survival/Bushcraft knife. Over the next few weeks I will cover some upgrades that you all can do to improve the quality and appearance of this blade. Hopefully this article answers any questions that you may have had about the Micarta grip upgrade.

I have never been a fan of the factory Grivory grips on the Becker series of knives. They look cheap and do not provide a sturdy grip for such a heavy weighted knife.

Some folks may choose to keep the Grivory grips for the added storage compartments; as shown here.

You will notice the Micarta handles are of a very solid construction, unlike the Grivory grips. They have a sanded tan appearance that complements the knife.

The storage capacity is not completly compromised with the Micarta Grips. Seen here - two Tinder Quik Tabs. You could add a small fishing kit - a few hooks, split shot, and line as well.
The BK2 is a lot of knife for the price. Some may not want to pay $40 for this upgrade; but its still makes the knife as a whole $100 or so. Which is still a bargain, and quite less than a comparable ESEE model knife.  The new grips not only helps with the appearance but also gives better control to the user.

If you want these same grips, click on the link below.


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  2. This is an excellent upgrade to the Becker BK2. I have spent some time looking at the varieties of hand grips or "scales" as they are called. Ultimately you have to decide if you want a knife that looks really cool at the range, or do you want a "tool" that is used so much that it is second nature to reach for it?
    Couple this knife with the above mentioned Micarta and the Hedgehog Leatherworks sheath. That is an instrument on par with the swords from the Crusades.