Spy-Coins.com: Dead Drop Spike

I have long been a fan of clandestine spy gear. Probably because we all want to be James Bond deep down inside.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Spy-Coins Dead Drop Spike.

If you didn't know what a Dead Drop is: a prearranged location at which spies can leave information or from which they can collect instructions, cipher pads, microdot cameras, film, radio schedule, money, passports, or any form of spying equipment. Items are usually placed in specially designed dead drop containers. Spies use dead drops because they are safer than personal meetings, which can jeopardize the safety of at least two links in a spy network. The sites used for dead drops must be inconspicuous, but easy for agents to find. The procedure for making a dead drop involves a series of signals which the controller and the agent use to ensure that an enemy is not involved or watching.
The only retail Dead Drop Spike's available on the market are from Spy-Coins.com. They make two types; a Black Aluminum and Titanium model. I tested the Black Aluminum model ($40). It is a very clean looking machined container; with a waterproof O-ring seal and lanyard-measuring 3/4". The pointed tip is extremely sharp and should be handled with care.

To test the Dead Drop Spike I placed a piece of standard paper with 3 different types of inks (one being a marker) as well as a strike anywhere match. I then stuck the spike in the ground for 4 days with one day being torrential down pour. The spike penetrated the ground like Jello.

After retrieving the Dead Drop Spike I noticed a little wear (paint) on the bottom portion near the pointed tip. To me this isn't a problem-I personally like the worn look. If it is a concern then it can be touched up by spray paint. But if your buying this as a collectible piece; I wouldn't stick it in the ground.

The note was dry and the ink showed no sign of moisture damage. The match lit on the first strike (these matches are known for sucking up moisture). The Dead Drop Spike got the job done!

The Dead Drop Spike can be used to stash E&E gear or as a survival cache. It can be used for Geocaching-making it a little more interesting, or if your a spy and you want to exchange messages with another spy. Whatever your reason its a cool piece of gear, and may make your life a little more interesting.


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