Knives of Alaska: Xtreme Model V

Knives of Alaska is known for its quality knives; this one is no different. The Model V is one of Knives of Alaska's Xtreme lineup and is a rugged, no frills, hard use blade.  Made from tough D2 steel the blade length measures 5" with an overall length of 10.5".  This had to be one of the sharpest knives out of the box I've seen!

The knife has a bare bones skeleton handle, keeping the knife light weight. The handles have a ripple design to hold the wrapped paracord in place (6 ft of paracord is included). The knife feels good in the hand with the paracord.  
A spear can be fashioned by splitting a stick and inserting the knife handle, then wrapping the paracord around the branch. Holding the knife in place.

The entire knife is coated with an Emralon anti-rust and corrosion coating. I can attest to the coating. I put this thing through hell without losing ANY finish on the blade.

With the knife coming in at around 8 ounces, the knife is extremely light. Being a former H2H (Hand to Hand) combat instructor; I also looked at this knife from a combative perspective. Combining the drop point and weight; this blade is a perfect tactical edge weapon. 

The Model V comes with a standard Kydex sheath. The sliding attachment point make it easy to take the sheath on and off.

I was able to stash a small ferro rod in the handle underneath the paracord. Using the back side of the blade to scrape on the ferro rod; igniting some fat wood I had shaved off with the Model V. Again, the finish was in tact.  

The Xtreme Model V is a true beast in a super light weight package. Its D2 blade will withstand the test of time and you wont have to sharpen it often. The only thing I would like to see-is to offer a non-serrated blade option. 

This isn't a heavy thick blade like most survival knives have today. So if that's what your looking for you may what to look at some other models.  I would consider this a general purpose/hard use knife. But with its durability and simplicity can accomplish most survival task.

Xtreme Model V
MSRP $79.99

Check out this model along with all of the other quality knives at Knives of Alaska.


  1. Black Scout followers, check this knife out. At $79.99 it's a great deal and will give you years of dependable service. Jack only shows some of the best and most affordable gear on the market so you know this is a great knife with a good reputation from Knives of Alaska.

  2. Can you explain how to wrap para-cord like the knife above and include a photo of the knife without the para-cord?


    1. Andrew we can do that. Are you wanting to know this just for general knowledge or for this knife in particular? Because for a wrap like this it will need a completely skeletonized handle. But we will try to get a tutorial video out in the next week or two. Thanks.