Everyday Carry: Intro

Example of someone's EDC
We are going to go over EDC (everyday carry) and PSK's (personal survival kits) over the next few weeks. Basic information on both topics and ideas for carry.

Everyday carry items need to be tools that: 
1. you use in your day to day life
2. a first tier level of preparedness for an unforeseen emergency
3. they need to be functional.

You may not always have your Survival kit/gear or B.O.B. when something happens. So with that, your EDC will be your first line of defense and will help with your chances of survival. (For example I'm all for fixed blade knives in a wilderness survival scenario...but what if I don't have it when disaster strikes? Can I survive with my tactical folder.)

EDC will vary by your profession, hobbies, and day to day life. A Special Forces soldier will have a different EDC than a Medical Doctor. A Law Enforcement Officer may have a back up pistol, where a construction worker may have a back up tape measure. Most folks base what they carry in their EDC on what they face everyday; while others carry gear of the "what-ifs". Neither is wrong and only you know what you need day to day or what you may encounter. Basically only you know what fits your life. So tailor it to your specific needs.

My EDC also breaks into tiers. I carry my normal pocket items, and I carry a Maxpedition Rollypoly Extreme Backpack that holds more stuff. I carry this day to day (except when I travel I use a Kelty Roam, doesn't have that "tactical" look). Then I have a wilderness EDC-and this may differ depending on my environment.

As I said "may differ depending on my environment" this goes with my pocket items. Depending on what I'm tackling day to day; I may change my EDC daily. (I swap between a Benchmade griptilian and Emerson CQC-7B constantly)

Over the next few weeks I'll go over my EDC and what I suggest. Hopefully this fills some gaps or answer's any questions that you guys may have. If you guys have any questions concerning EDC's drop a comment and we will get an answer back to you.

You can also check out Black Scout Associate Mike Everett's EDC under the EDC tab to your right.

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