Thompson Snares Survival Kit

Thompson Snares have been made in the USA since 1927. If its not broke, why fix it?

I was surprised to see that they manufacture snares for all size game; including bears and alligators. They can also build custom snares on request.

 Using a Snare in a survival situation uses little energy and can provide nutrition or supplement your rations. Many people carry brass wire in their kits. But wire can be broken or come loose from the animal's fight for survival. Thompson Snares doesn't have this problem.

I was able to test and review the Thompson Survival Kit. This kit was first used by the US Air Force during WWII. The kit comes with two locking cable snares, instructions, and tie wire. The kit's two snares are for different size game. Each snare comes with a locking mechanism and a swivel. The swivel spins easily preventing an animal breaking the cable or getting lose.

The smaller of the two is NO. 00S-20 (20inch,1/32"cable). This snare is designed to catch rabbits, birds, and similar sized animals. This snare has very thin cable and is small enough to pack in a mini survival kit. By looking at its strength would surprise you. I was able to lift a 40lbs weight with the snare.
Top:picture of lock
Bottom: swivel
00S-20 Snare
The larger snare is a 0S-30 (30inch, 1/16" cable) and is intended for muskrats, minks, rabbits, skunks, and animals of similar size. This snare is pretty heavy duty. I was able to lift 50lbs and probably much more. This snare also has a swivel that can be made to lock around a small tree as an anchor point.
Top: lock
Bottom: Swivel
The locking mechanism on these snares are very effective. The cable has a smooth feeling. Allowing the lock to move very fast. The cable also retains its noose shape for better hook-ups.

This is a true professional grade snare.I believe they will last forever as long as they are taken care of and properly used. Not enough can be said about the quality and durability. Do yourself a favor and don't trust the brass wire snares.  If you do carry a survival kit; please pack a Thompson Snare kit. It may save your life.

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