Shomer-Tec Access Card

Release the inner Bond with this Shomer-Tec Access Card. I recently came across Shomer-Tec and have quickly became a fan. From surveillance to urban survival to military/LEO products, they have some one-of-kind items. I'll be reviewing a few other products from Shomer-Tec in the following weeks.

This has to be one of the most discreet lock pick sets on the market. It slides in your wallet and you don't even notice its there. It's .016" thick; and thinner than my license, credit, and debit cards.  The other dimensions are the same as a standard credit card.

Its good to have a lock pick set on your person in an Urban Survival situation, but hard to justify carrying a set around all the time. This set solves that problem. It may also be a good idea to add the Access Card to your survival tin, personal survival kit, or in a hidden cache.

Lets get to the specifics, it comes with four picks and a tension wrench.

  • Feeler pick
  • Ball pick
  • Hybrid feeler/diamond pick
  • Diamond pick
  • Tension wrench that has a handcuff shim/pick 
I was initially skeptical of its durability but its very strong for its size. Its made from stainless steel and each pick feels like my standard lock pick set. After the picks are removed from the card they cannot be reattached. You'll notice the large holes and the 6 small holes on the handle of the picks. The large holes are for attaching to a lanyard or key chain after being removed from the card. If the card itself was cool enough, the 6 small holes are designed for the picks to be sewn into clothing or bags. 
Holes for sewing into clothing
This is an excellent addition to your Urban Survival kit. If you don't own a lock pick set, I suggest buying one and using this for emergencies. Coming in at $24 its a good buy to feel the void of always needing an emergency lock pick set on you.

The Access Card can be purchased here

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