Grip Tip

The Grip Tip is a rod tip that can be used to repair a broken rod tip or to improvise a fishing rod in a survival situation. The tip doesn't require glue, it simply screws on. This Survival model features a larger opening so that it can be used on sticks or limbs. This model is available at Shomer-Tec

I used to fish in tournaments and have had to do repairs with the glue and metal tips. Taking up valuable time. The grip tip goes on with just a few turns.
The Grip Tip in comparison to standard replacement tips
The guide is made from ceramic allowing the line to move smoothly;  for sure hook sets. Ceramic lined guides also will not rust. This allows the Grip Tip to be used over and over again.

Survival fishing using hand lines is an absolute pain. The grip tip allows you to fish with a makeshift "bream buster" or Cane pole style fishing. This is by far a more productive method of angling.

1. You will need to find a stick or limb that has some flex to it.
2. Then you may need to use your knife to shave down the end that you will attach the Grip Tip to.
3. Screw the Grip tip onto limb.
The Grip Tip is very secure when screwed on. I pulled and pulled and it did not come off. Its a great product to add to your survival gear. And it sure beats using hand lines.

Grip Tip $6.00

Available at Shomer-Tec:

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