Ceramic Razor Blade

Cutting implements are usually your most important Escape & Evasion tools. But they are usually the first objects removed by your captors. Shomer-Tec offers this non-metallic Ceramic Razor Blade. Undetectable by metal detection systems, making it easier to conceal on your body.
Because of its size, the Ceramic Razor Blade can be concealed in a variety of methods. Taping the blade to the body is one method of concealment. The Blade has a lanyard hole that makes it possible to sew the blade into your clothing.

  • waistband
  • tongue of your shoe
  • cuffs of pants
  • behind clothing labels

The Ceramic Razor Blade will not rust; and from what I've read is that it will last 100 times longer than a conventional blade. I've tested the chisel-ground edge on boxes, flex-cuffs, rope, duct tape, and paracord. It  cut through all materials with no problems.
The blade measures 1.25" x 0.4" and weighing a mere .017 ounces. Price: $12.00

This is a perfect last ditch cutting blade. With its sharp edge it will allow the user to escape a variety of restraints.

 Easily concealable; and designed for Urban Survival.

Get yours at: http://www.shomer-tec.com/product/ceramic-razor-blade-1518.cfm

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  1. With how much better ceramic blades are compared to conventional blades, I'm surprised we don't see them used more. I mean obviously they're more expensive than metal blades, but if they really last 100x longer... why aren't they more pervasive? Strange.

    Fred | TheWrightStache.com