Building your Bug Out Bag: Weapons

If your having to grab your B.O.B. that means things probably aren't so good. Most of the time rioting, theft, and violent crimes occur after order is lost because of a disaster. Remember hurricane Katrina? If you don't want to be a victim, pack some type of weapons in your Bug Out Bag.

Your weaponry may vary because of financial reasons or the area you live in. I suggest having some sort of pistol at the very minimum. I prefer automatics, because I don't want to be fooling around loading revolvers when SHTF. With that said carry a few extra mags and ammo. I prefer the .45 because of its stopping power.

An AR Variant is always good. It can be used for self defense as well as hunting. The AR weapon system allows a multitude of modifications. The fact it holds 30 per mag also gives you a tactical advantage.

A bow and arrow may also be a good addition since arrows can be reused. You may also want to looking into some hand-to-hand weaponry (i.e.knife or baseball bat). In the case ammo runs out.

Also consider Pepper spray as a non-lethal weapon.

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