Buidling your Bug Out Bag: Illumination

I would suggest packing at least two light sources in your bag. I really go over kill on light sources because to me its super important to be able to see; and if its a situation where I have to "Bug Out" it probably will not be ideal conditions.

I personally pack:
SureFire G2-they are bright and super hard to break.
Cheap crank powered flashlight-in case I run out of batteries.
Mini-Mag light-I have affixed a red lens to use to preserve night vision and because its harder to pick up by bad guys
Energizer Headlamp-headlamps are useful (in case your using your hands and need illumination) and this particular one was about $4.88.
Cyalume light sticks-these are great to leave at your camp and wonder in the woods and find your camp from a distance. They are non-sparking and are good if there is a gas leak. They are waterproof and do not use batteries. I suggest packing a few.
36 hour Survival Candle-these candles will last a long time used in short duration's. The tin its packed in keeps it protected.Can be used to start a fire with wet kindling.

Like I said before. I go over kill on illumination. But I do suggest having two options at a minimum and always pack extra batteries.

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