Water: Solar still

Hey guys, after doing water procurement and treatment articles I felt like I couldn't leave out the solar still...Even though I'm not a real fan of them. If your in an environment and you absolutely can't find any water (like desert environments). Then this will be somewhat useful. It produces very little water, about a cup a day.

  1. Dig a hole
  2. Sit a container in middle of hole (can also add a drinking tube here, as pictured above)
  3. You can lay any vegetation in hole, anything damp, or urinate in hole. This process will purify any water
  4. Lay plastic or tarp covering hole
  5. Place rock anchors around hole and seal around hole with sand or dirt
  6. place a small rock in center of plastic to make a cone shape
The sun will draw water from the ground. The evaporation will be caught on the plastic tarp and will drip into cup. This water needs no filtration or purification

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  1. Of corse i like it. I'm the person that sent this picture to you. Put out a dozen of these and you get 12 cups of water.