SureFire G2 Nitrolon Flashlight

Following up with our review of flashlights, Next is the Surefire G2. This flashlight has been around for awhile and is the most affordable of the Surefire line up. I carry one in a vehicle and another attached to my M4 carbine. I can attest they are built for abuse. 


Brightness/Run time: 65 lumens w/ a 60 minute run time
Length: 5.10"
Weight: 4.1oz
Batteries: CR123A
MSRP: $59.00
Colors: Hi-vis yellow, Black, OD green, Desert Tan

The G2® is a high-output flashlight featuring a tough, corrosion-proof Nitrolon® body and bezel. It uses a precision micro-textured reflector and a SureFire incandescent lamp to produce a smooth, brilliant beam with enough power to temporarily blind and disorient an aggressor by impairing his night-adapted vision. With a push button momentary on and twist constant on tail cap.

Overall a nice product especially when you cant justify spending $100 or more on a flashlight


  1. Great review! Surefire doesn't make a bad product. I carry one myself on the job.

  2. I think SureFire G2 Nitrolon Flashlight is a best for all. Length is a main factor for a flash light. Above flash light has 5.10" length. It keeps any where no extra space.

  3. I may buy SureFire G2. But has it any update version? I love to use surefire flashlight.