Hey guys, Mike Everett here. This week we will start our reviews of fixed blade knives, folders and multi tools. First on our list is the SOG SEAL Pup combat tactical knife. Pay attention to the name: combat tactical knife. This is not a true to the core survival knife, but definitely worth reviewing for it's quality and durability. The knife pictured is actually one of my personal knives that I carry in my small survival bag. As I mentioned, this is not a dedicated survival knife and should be treated as such. I would not advise using this knife for heavy chopping or hammering tasks. However, this knife is perfect for every day cutting tasks especially when those tasks require a smaller more precise blade. And best of all, this knife has been designed and tested by the Navy SEAL's so you know it will withstand virtually any situation or elements (weather) you subject it to. They even did a 14 day salt water immersion test that showed no corrosion or wear after completion. Weighing in at only 5.4 ounces this knife is virtually weightless when carried on your person or in your pack and makes a perfect back-up blade to your designated survival knife. And let's not forget about the nylon sheath provided with the knife. I personally really like it as it has a very good size pocket on the front that can be used to store a fire starter or sharpener, a few water proof matches and anything else small enough to fit inside.

Full Tang Blade
Fully Checkered Grip
Blade Length: 4.85"
Overall Length: 9.5"
Weight: 5.4 oz
Blade Material: AUS 8

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