My Personal EDC(Mike Everett)

Hey guys, Mike Everett again here with a list and picture of my personal EDC items.
  • SERE saw knife from CountyComm - very useful and lightweight
  • Mini Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - great for very light duty cutting tasks and personal hygeine (hands, fingernails, splinter removal, etc.)
  • Streamlight Key Mate - practically indestructible, lightweight, bright and has a pocket clip and key chain clip
  • Paracord Key Chain - looks cool and has about 8ft of 550 cord for emergency situations
  • Djeep Lighter - ability to start a fire is always key
  • BlackBerry Bold - everyone has a smartphone these days, gps feature, communication
  • Seiko Automatic Divers Watch - classic design and rugged durability, never needs batteries
  • Emerson CQC-7 with Wave - it's simple, world's most saught after tactical combat folder

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