Schrade Extreme Survival Knife

Fixed blade #3 is the Extreme Survival Knife by Schrade. It's an awesome looking knife and very well built for the price (around $50). Like they say, sometimes you get what you pay for and knives are no different. My personal oppinion is that Schrade put more money into the blade finish, micarta handles and the nylon sheath with about 15 feet of black rope weaved through it and less money into the actual blade quality where it really counts. I'm not going to say this is a bad knife, because it's not, but I'd much rather have a knife with a high quality blade and OK grips then a knife with an OK blade and high quality grips. I think most would agree with me on this one. I would say overall this is a decent knife with some good features but I think we have to consider this an entry level survival knife. I personally would not designate this as my primary survival blade.

Full Tang Blade
Blade Length: 6.4"
Overall Length: 11.8"
Blade Material: 400 Series Steel
Weight: 13.8 oz
Micarta handles

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